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3 years ago
I tried this out. She called the cops. 0/10, would not attempt again.
Patty P 4 years ago
I wish it was that easy to fuck
Your dad 4 years ago
There’s a 1/10000000000% chance this might happen in real life
3 years ago
Okay.. So that guy followed her because she was thicc,somehow he got in her house, and she accepted to fuck him
Rip avicii 3 years ago
I took a pill in abiza
A Real Nigga 4 years ago
Bruh The Fucking Plot Makes No sense, Fuck. Beating Off I’m Mad At The Director. smh That Bitch Can’t Even Act, Ole Saggy Ass Titties
Boy 3 years ago
Add me on fortnite
4 years ago
Can I have a girlfriend like Mia Khalifa?
bruh... 3 years ago
If this happeneed irl, he would get arrested for stalking...
4 years ago
Ion know bout huge